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” It’s better to live one day as a tiger, than a thousand years as a sheep.”


Hi there!
My name is Julita, and I’m crazy Polish traveler.


 In November 2014 I quit my job, bought one way ticket and started traveling. Always hungry for new adventures, but as well working and volunteering. That kind of traveling is a great experience, especially when you can help by sharing a bit of your knowledge, and get to know better local people and their culture.

That is how I decided to create this blog and become a freelance travel writer. Doing The Distance it is not just a simple travel blog. I will talk here about my stories, people I’m meeting on the road- how they changed my life- and how you can travel with small budget. I hope that everyone will find here some interesting stories and tips….Maybe you will find yourself in one of the stories or one of them will remind you about your travel. There can be so many people traveling around the world and you can hear so many different experiences about the same places…



The best stories are born on the road…


Let the adventure begin…


Enjoy my site!